PHILS Decentralized Work Place

Philscurrency was initially launched as Scrypt POW token which was later updated with masternode implementation.

In our journey of learning nooks and corners of blockchain technology, we faced several hurdles in finding various development related knowledge. We faced several challenges to be able to dissect through the bitcoin protocol and masternode technologies. That is where we realized the need for a decentralized workplace.

There are several unanswered questions about block chain protocols and various technologies around us, there should be a decentralized platform where developers can post their queries, talented people post their unique abilities, entrepreneurs look for resources, different businesses exchange services with PHILS as token for every single transaction and in-house free escrow services.

We have several ideas and exciting projects coming up, for each of which PHILS will be a token, we are very committed to create a purpose for our token.

New Ideologies








How it Works?

  • Entrepreneurs can find resources for their projects.

  • Developers can find Jobs

  • Tasks are Validated by the Validation Committee from within the community.

  • In-house Free Escrow Services for trustless transactions.

  • PHILS as token for all transactions.

  • Fair Decision Making by Governance.

  • Propose New Ideas to kick-start new projects.

  • Fund the Projects voted by the community.

  • Hire Resources within the Community

  • Empowering the Users of our Community.


Road Map

August 2017

PhilsCurrency launched as a Scrypt POW Token.

December 2017

Masternode Implementation on the top of existing chain.

January 2018

Decentralized Incentive based Workplace.

April 2018

Philscurrency-Core Codebase Update.

July 2018

IOS / Andriod Wallets

October 2018

Decentralized Exchange.

December 2018

Decentralized Marketplace

Coins Specifications

  • Name


  • Abbrevation


  • Max Money supply

    120,000,000 PHILS (120 million)

  • Algorithm

    Scrypt Proof of work

  • Masternode Collateral

    12,000 PHILS

  • Block reward

    120 PHILS per Block 60 for Masternodes & 60 for Miners

  • Block-time

    60 seconds

  • Re-target Timespan

    10 Minutes

  • Confirmations

    6 Blocks

  • Coin Maturity

    10 Blocks

  • RPC Port Default


  • P2P Port Default