Philscurrency was initially launched as Scrypt POW token which was later updated with masternode implementation.

In our journey of learning nooks and corners of block chain technology, we faced several hurdles in finding various development related knowledge. We faced several challenges to be able to dissect through the bitcoin protocol and masternode technologies. That is where we realized the need for a decentralized workplace.

There are several unanswered questions about block chain protocols and various technologies around us, there should be a decentralized platform where developers can post their queries, talented people post their unique abilities, entrepreneurs look for resources, different businesses exchange services with PHILS as token for every single transaction and in-house free escrow services.

We have several ideas and exciting projects coming up, for each of which PHILS will be a token, we are very committed to create a purpose for our token

This is just the beginning of what we intent to do, there will be many more use cases based on PHILS as token.

Since our launch in September, we faced several challenges regarding markets, miners etc. yet we came up with a fresh update of masternode implementation on top of our existing block chain which was already with about 30,000 blocks, which was very complex for us as there was risk of chain data compromises and chain split. We extensively tested and released our last update with successful masternode implementation and within a month gained so much momentum that we crushed several existing masternode count records of different projects. Our users were like a family in our project, we kept taking their ideas for development of our project and such a governance within community was never seen.
We want to take forward this governance in all our further projects, hire necessary talent and fund them with PHILS which will not only increase the value of PHILS but also enables to kick start several projects under the umbrella of Phlscurrency which will safeguard the price of PHILS going forward.

Regarding the rewards, we wanted to be fair for the miners (because they generate coins and validate transactions) and masternodes, hence the 50/50 division of rewards.

We hope our journey continues and we will stay unique unlike other crypto communities and pave way for a new decentralized economy.

We always deliver what we promised and will do the same going forward
Join the PHILS community and be a part of something bigger and unique.